It was gloomy Sunday morning when she accompanied Mike to the Loyola Memorial Park. It is the most exclusive private cemetery located in Parañaque City. The cemetery is thirty minutes to travel by car from the BF Homes Subdivision where she and Mike are neighbors.
The weather cooperated with the lonely surroundings. She was staring at him when Mike knelt and slowly put the bouquet of flowers on the grave of Jasmine. He lighted the candle they brought and he put it beside the flowers. Silently, he stood beside her. She looked at him. He is wearing a dark sunglass even if the sun is hidden in the clouds. She can’t even notice if he’s crying or not.
“Are you alright, Mike?” she asked.
“Y-Yeah…” he whispered huskily.
It’s been a year since her friend Jasmine died of a car accident. Since then, Mike never smiled again. It seems that his life is buried with his fiancée six feet under the ground.
She could hear as he took a deep breath as if it’s his way to release the heavy loads that burdened his heart. If only she can make those eyes twinkle again. If only she can make those lips smile again. But she doesn’t know how.
“She’s happy now. Sometimes I envy Jasmine because she is in a peaceful place now. No more pain for her. However, she still owns your heart,” she said. “You too, you need to go on with your life, Mike.”
“I can’t forget her, Maggie.”
“I am not saying that you forget her because she will be in our minds forever but you have to let her go in your heart. You have to forgive yourself. Stop dwelling on the past. Live your life again. Move on, Mike.”
“It’s easy to say that but I don’t know where and how to start.”
“I am here to help you. I’ll always be here to help you. I’ll never leave you, Mike.”
“Thanks for always being there for me, Maggie.” He held her hand and said, “You’re such a good friend.”
Friend… This word echoed in her mind. For all these years, he is still calling her friend. How she wished that he could love her more than friends. How she wished to be hugged by his masculine arms. How she really wished that he’ll realize that he’s better off with her. She could almost shout out loud to his face that she is there beside him, waiting to be loved by him. But she did not. She’s afraid of rejection…

Read the continuation at written by mysteriousweirdo


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